Name: NETHERITE rank -6mo
Price: 146.99 USD

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Buy Symbiplex's final rank for 6 months to gain access to the following rewards:

Cool PrefixTRUE
Name Suffixall tags
Your chat colourall
Cosmetic Crate keys5
Pet Crate Keys5
Survival Crate Keys2x rare 1x legendary
Custom Character TrailTRUE
Custom NicknameTRUE
Daily Level XP Boost ( and Bal)250 XP Per Hour
Rpg Skill boost!50%
Serverwide coin boost!2x
Survival Sethomes5
RGP Sethomes2
Join even when the server is fullTRUE
No. of Auction listings25
PVT Discord ChannelTRUE
PVT Chat ChannelTRUE
Make coloured signsTRUE
Change the weather for yourself!TRUE
Change your own time!TRUE
Access to troll commandsTRUE
Access to /craft /ci /echest /bookTRUE
Access to /hat, wear anything!TRUE
Access to /headsTRUE
RPG Spell Points500
Survival Claim Blocks1000
RPG Spells Sunnyday / A Dark and Stormy Night / WeatherTRUE
RPG Spell Kamikaze / SuperHeal / FastFoodTRUE
RPG Spell Hasty / FeedTRUE
Total Jobs at once10
Total Quests at once35

Always make sure to have the account holder's permission before making purchases, we are unable to issue refunds.